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Startled Fairy by ahojoshi Startled Fairy by ahojoshi
Wooooo~ I think this done. Finally. My first major project with realistic-esque digital painting. I'm so ready to start something new ;_;

I've spent approximately 25 hours on this over the course of a week with my trusty tablet and Painter X. Perhaps more, I lose track of time so easily when I'm focused.

I dislike painting water, and the only real tutorials I could find were for painting the ocean or photo-manipulation. I hope I made it look transparent enough, yet still a bit murky. Such was my intent anyway.

Still fond of my rocks and water droplet, and unsure of my clothing choice and hair. Think I really need to take a step back, work on something new, and perhaps I'll get a new perspective on it.

I've learned a whole lot doing this; it was good for me. Yay personal growth! I ventured out of my safety zone and found that there are other categories of brushes that do cool and neat things, and that I don't need to be afraid of them xD. I finally abandoned the pen tool for coloring. It was about time. I looked at a bunch of tutorials and learned a bunch about skin tones, some of which I applied, some I did not - I'm still scared of adding blues and greens into my skin even though I acknowledge that they should be in there. I learned that I have a loooong way to go, no matter how good I get, there are a lot of you talented artists out there that I won't even compare to.

References I used for this project:
Pose: [link] of *selkeysaynothing
Rocks: [link] of ~moronicon
Foot: [link] of ~BabsxStock
The numerous tutorials I found helpful are in my favorites :3

Critiques and comments are loved. I'm sure there's something I've missed that needs to be fixed, I've been staring at this too long now.
Critique by TheBigTDIproductions TheBigTDIproductions/critique/242861806">May 18, 2010, 5:43:27 AM
To be honest, I can't believe this is you're first time with this style. The details and colors are just magnificent. It really does surprise me. The hair looks very detailed and perfect. I love the toga and the wings are just gorgeous as well. But I do have to say the water needs some work. But I do take in mind that all the tutorials were for photographs. But other than that I think this picture is fabulous.

The landscape is just wonderful. I love the grass and the rocks. Just magnificent. What I find rather odd, is the face. There is nothing wrong with it, but it reminds me of my close friend in Germany. How odd xD. I have no negatice coments for this. Except for the water and her hand. Her hand looks rahter chubby in a way. But other than that, its wonderful! Great work! ^^
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Critique by realitysquared realitysquared/critique/242915959">May 18, 2010, 8:47:35 AM
I'm always fond to find an artist who has ventured out of their comfort zone to try something different; it's always important to challenge yourself artistically and far too many artists simply stagnate themselves.

As far as this work is concerned, I did a quick comparison with the other contents of your gallery and it's pretty evident where you treated certain things differently; the hair and coloring technique seem to be a departure from the way you treated them in other works.

The level of realism is pretty decent with the anatomy and proportions being well done, however I don't think that the subject matter meshes well- in my experience I prefer that fairies have a "lightness" to their form, sort of like the sense of being fragile which you get when you view a butterfly. The style of realism which you've used makes this particular fairy seem more "heavy" and more like a human with wings rather than a member of the fey folk but it is certainly an excellent starting effort.

I might also suggest that you experiment a bit with making your shadow areas a bit darker and your areas of reflected light a bit brighter. What I've personally found is that when the areas of shade and light are too close in value the image can seem a bit washed out and a little 'flat', which isn't necessarily a bad thing- just different. You may want to dabble a bit in heavy contrasts and see if you like what you see in the results.

Water is extremely difficult to "get right", I know I've never quite done it myself, but you've done really well considering that I haven't seen much else in your gallery featuring flowing water.

The sense of scale is a bit off, which is to be expected. My first impression was that the fairy is the size of a regular human and it wasn't until I noticed the long grass blades in the background that I realized that she was supposed to be the traditional tiny size. When I think about what gave me that impression I have to say it was the inclusion of the stones as they tended to draw my eye away from the grass and I immediately thought of them as larger river stones rather than tiny stream-side pebbles. I don't really have any suggestions as to how to give the proper scale at the moment except to maybe try to feature something else in the foreground which will convey the proper sense of scale.

All in all it's a really good effort on your part and I really hope that you experiment a bit with contrast and continue to venture out of your comfort zone.
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Shokly Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
Amazing! *0*
ahojoshi Featured By Owner May 18, 2010  Student Digital Artist
thanks! :D
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